Rockin' PJ Performance Horses

Raising Speedbred Paint and Quarter Horses for Over 30 Years.

Located on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in Twin Buttes, North Dakota, we have been breeding and raising performance Paint and Quarter Horses for 31 years. Our horses roam and graze on about 1000 acres of rolling hills, rough terrain, and water crossings, having to withstand temperatures ranging from 100 degrees above to 50 degrees below zero. Our foals are born outside in the pastures learning to watch for badger holes, coyotes, and mountain lions. Our goal is to raise a horse with speed, endurance, athletic ability, and color.

Our two daughters, Tara & Tesha, have been training and competing in rodeos and barrel racings events for over 18 years. Tesha has won many suicide races on her paint horse Nacho, competing with as many as 18 men in a single race. We have a fast enough horse for any job. 

Some of our bloodlines include: Jet Deck, Dash for Cash, Deckabo, Go Man Go, Dr.Kirk, Grey Badger II, Driftwood, Night Latch, Alamitos Bar, Band of Azure, Leo San, Texas High Dasher, Range Duster, Riskey Business, Dick Badger, Mr. Illuminator, and Sir Quincy Dan to name a few. 
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